Re: Santorin - Genoa furler lost his teeth!! :(


Hi Riccardo

Sorry I can’t help

Once I had removed the furler from the forestay I delivered the unit to the gear maker to overhaul the whole unit. He knew what he was doing I didn’t …… he also had an array of tools and equipment which I did Not have. In our situation it was not just a matter of cutting a new bronze gear from a piece of bronze that had particular composition it was also necessary to cut a new worm drive that meshed precisely with the bronze gear. It was not/not possible to use the old worm drive because it had 25 years wear. 

Overhauling the furler seemed to me to be a specialised task requiring expertise that I did not have. 

When the fully overhauled unit was returned the fellow who did the work said it was immensely strong and I could expect it to function for another 25 years
Good luck

John hayes
Nga Waka

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Hi Everyone

I am now trying to access the broken gear.. which seems to be at the center of it all!
After some initial success to work my way through the box, I am now stuck as I don't see any way to arrive to the broken gear.

If anyone of you has any additional info or suggestion... I am all ears.

John Clark and JOHN HAYES, since you had this job done previously, have you seen how the gears are extracted?
Or maybe do you have a contact or an email address where I can ask for additional info?

This is where i got so far:

I opened all sides (winch handle side, electric motor side, bottom side).
The bottom side looks the only way where is possible to extract the gears:

Once opened, I manage to extract a bearing, a retaining clip, and another metal ring (spacer?)
After that, I have reached the main gear (the one that links to the manual system), which sits around the main furler shaft, which is coupled with a big worm screw that transmits the manual movement from the side.


Here I am stuck.

To get to the bronze broken gear I need to extract, in order:

  • the big "manual" worm screw > looks like it should come out from the side, from the winch handle plug, but even if I remove the outer part of the plug (there is a screw to remove it in the center of it) I can't find a way to loosen or to slide the worm screw out
  • the main "manual" gear > this would come off from the bottom hole along the shaft, but only after his worm screw is out of the way (the gear teeth are not straight but diagonal, so it cannot slide out without the worm gear being removed first)
  • the manual/electric engage selection system > this is also sitting around the main shaft and is between the main gear and the bronze broken one. It is a disc with 6 pins each side (visible from the winch plug side panel), which moves up and down along the shaft when the outside key is turned. When it slides upwards it engages the electric gear (the broken one) and when it slides downwards it engages the manual gear. You can see the pin holes on both gears for engage/disengage
  • on top of all this, sits the broken gear, which I am trying to access and remove, so I can have it made new


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