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I agree with Bill completely. We had planned on selling Ocean Pearl after we got her back to NZ. Listed her and one of the interested parties loved her but said she was too expensive. They found a cheap one in Panama and bought it. The wife contacted me a year later saying they would have saved a lot of money if they had bought Ocean Pearl. I was grateful because we came to our senses and still own Ocean Pearl. And will for the foreseeable future.
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On 20/07/2022 00:30 CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

One last comment on this thread. 

The lowest-priced Amel you can find advertised or through negotiation will be the most expensive.

The price you pay for a good Amel will be based on the model, the market, age, and the cost to refit the Amel into good condition. It is math rather than negotiation.  

I have some things that you can use on my website: Download a Sample Estimate Spreadsheet, or all 3 of them. Use a highly Amel-experienced broker. This is NOT someone who sold 4 Amels last year. The same thing applies to Surveyors.


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On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 7:10 AM Martijn Bolt <martijnbolt@...> wrote:

Hi David, Thank you for re-opening my question via this thread with this long (and short) response.

To all: Thanks. These posts are very much clarifying and sometimes reaffirming things I thought already (more or less).

Besides chartering sailboats as much as we can we've been "web sailing" and thinking about our first boat for many years now. About two year ago I stumbled upon Amel and found out about the amazing features and design philosophy. Since then our focus shifted, from some of the brands left on our long list as mentioned above, to Amel exclusively. From what I have found they are, in many aspects, the best-fit for what we want and plan to do.

Surprising to see that a well maintained Amel remains its value and interesting to see how things like the current global market, Delos, COVID, boomers, (ketch) manufacturing, and other developments (currently) have their part in this. Great comments and good advice especially when I think about negotiations as a buyer. I don't enjoy negotiations so I'm glad to now understand the few excessive prices I saw are probably just outliers, as most Amels "a vendre" are just that: Reasonably priced, although overall somewhat higher priced than last year, often with little room for negotiation (depending on the outcome of a survey/pre-purchase consult ofcourse).

@Paul. I'm confused by your comment mentioning no SM's are for sale in Europe. Quite some SM's show(ed) up on my list of available Amels, starting early 2021. I'm looking at the maintained websites from brokers and have contacted some of them. They (even recently) mentioned the SM's can be viewed now or sometimes towards the end of the season. (You wrote SN, not SM, I assume that was a typo).

Thanks again,


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