RPM on Volvo TMD22A, again...!

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So happy to have found this site! And to be able to find out how
others have solved various problems (few, actually, in my case) with
their Super Maramu! I purchased SM #135 last year in France (this is a
1995 model) had a good revision on all systems and crossed over to Ft
Lauderdale last December. 17 days from Gran Canary to Guadeloupe,
whithout pushing, the fishing was too good!

One thing I noticed at purchase time was that the engine, in gear,
will not go over 2700 rpm. The Volvo manual indicates a max. speed of
over 4000 rpm for the turbo version. The engine runs nicely, without
smoking and has about 2000 h. now.

The Volvo dealer in Guadeloupe said that they knew about Amel habit to
reduce RPM with the adjustment of the Max prop, a procedure whith
which they totally disagree! They recommend, at next haulout, to
adjust the Max prop as to obtain about 3,400 rpm with the engine in
gear (in neutral there is no problem to rev up).

In France, I also had the turbo dismantled and cleaned, as it was
found full of soot.

1. What is the normal max rpm for the Volvo, as per Amel, and/or as
per Volvo?
2. Presumably, if the pitch of the Max prop is to high, keeping the
engine "labouring", it will induce sooting and will clog the turbo,
especially if indeed it only starts to pump at 2500 rpm or there
about. This may explain why - as I just read on various notes on this
site- one needs to rev up to maximum revolution for a few minutes
every so often. Why not, instead, have the engine running at its
recommended speed?
3. Obviously, I can see why someone recommended to remove the turbo
and clean it every year. This does not seem right however. Nobody does
that on a car or industrial equipment for that matter.

Has anyone any suggestion? Should I leave my engine /Max-Prop as they
are, or should I make some adjustments?

One last question on the transmission: what sort of oil should we use,
it says on it ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) but what kind? There
are now 4 different Dextron type fluid oils, does it matter which one?

I would be gratefull if someone could shed some light on those issues.
Good sailing to all.

Daniel Goffaux
On "Passion"

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