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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Charles you are so out of line it defies belief. First you have grossly violented the rules of this group which are there for good reason, Second you are utterly wrong about Amel and their long term care of their clients. I speak from first hand knowledge owning a 22 year old Amel and having been a member of this forum for 14 years I have watched the care others have experienced. They have always been pleasant to deal with, I never cease to be amazed at the care they give to the ageing sector of their fleet. That care is precious and we must not jeopardize it.
Danny Simms
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

On 24/07/2022 22:01 Charles Macdonald <c.macdonald@...> wrote:

Let it be known far and wide that the new Amel people dot not give a f¨¨¨ about old Amel (Maramu and such). They throw away all the remaining spare parts to the great dismay of old Amel hands  and of course owners of older Amel boats. Their only concern is selling million dollars boats  to new clients. I am not saying that their new boats are badly made. They are for sure of vey high quality.
But if you you do not have a couple of millions in your pocket they wont even speak to you. You have  to see the old Amel Hands who have set up their own company. I recommend Secteur Blanc in la Rochelle, not cheap but super reliable.The owner has worked with Henry Amel for more than twenty years and knows absolutely everything that has to be known about Maramus, Euros, Meltems, Santorins, SuperMaramus, Sharkis and the like.
So it goes


Le 23 juil. 2022 à 19:24, Arno Luijten <arno.luijten@...> a écrit :

Hi Mohammad,

Being in La Rochelle I can say from first hand source, Amel does not have the original spreaderlights anymore as they are no longer made. They do have very nice replacements but at a not so nice price.  

The tri-color is for most 54s the Lopolight Tri-color-anchor light. Quite a dissapointing thing as it promises 50000 hours life and if you are lucky you’ll get 1500 hour. I replaced the lot with Aqua signal series 40 LED lights

Arno Luijten,
SV Luna

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