Re: Removing Interphase thru-hull ?

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul, ours was removed to be replaced with a newer model. It was on insurance so fitters did the job. They cut the external section off and then used a hole saw from the outside to release the thru hull section. Then they inserted the new transducer. I wasn't doing the job so I don't know what they used to seat the new one. I would assume a sikaflex. 7 or 8 years ago and no leaking or any issues. It was quickly done.
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SM 299
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On 26/07/2022 11:43 Paul via <paulguenette@...> wrote:


I would like to remove the original, (2004),  Interphase thru-hull transducer, (while I am hauled out).

I am wondering if anyone else has completed this task ?  

Tips, tricks, advice, warnings, …. ?

thank you in advance.

Paul Guenette
SM 2000 - 444
Port Townsend, Washington

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