Re: Removing Interphase thru-hull ?

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul, yes a later model colour Interphase. I will answer your next question. Does it work. Depends on what you expect. The one I got does forward plus sideways as an option. I never use the sideways. If you want 100 meters forward easy to read totally accurate scan. No. Biggest problem is surface clutter. However if you expect something to add to the inventory of tools to use yes. Eyes, chart plotter depth sounder charts plus forward scan.
I find it is important to get the settings right, range, sensitivity. Get those right and it is a helpful tool. Sensitivity too high and the surface clutter gets worse. Once you learn the right settings and learn to read it it is good.
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Hi Danny,

Did you replace it with another forward scanning sonar ?


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