Re: Brush set (4) for jib furler motor Supermaramu

Marian Toncic-Sorinj

I have a 12v System.
Furlermotor (Same as yours on your Picture) and Lofrans Tigres motor are the same. You need the 24v Motor i think. Both are available.
My Contact to Lofrans was
+39 039 2001973. you should talk to them because of the brushkits

Here are Pictures of my FurlerMotor ,



Am 28.07.2022 um 15:31 schrieb CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...>:


Lofrans uses many different motors. Do you know which is the same as the genoa motor?

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Am 2022-07-27 02:47, schrieb ERIC LICHTY & ROBYN ATKINSON:

Hello Group: Eric and Robyn here on LIBBY, SM#196, 1997 build, sailing out of Los Angeles

Jib furler motor stopped working. Removed cover and found a handful of salt residue up to and in the brush sets. Confirmed power to motor and foil turning easily.  Cleaned/vaccumed salt deposits then electrical cleaner and corrosionx.
Motor runs quiet and strong, back in business.  Now looking for source for brush set (4) for the 24v motor.  Any spec. plate is long gone and inquiries to SAV@Amel indicate the motor and parts are no longer supported.  Does anyone happen to have a source for those brushes or anyone with extra spares willing to sell four?   Regards and good sailing, Eric
Eric C. Lichty
cell:      425 354-7720

Hello Eric,

i had similar Problems. These are old Bosch-Motors that are not supported any more. But Lofrans produces these motors now. for example "Lofrans-Tigres Anchorwinslet" is driven by exact this Motor. Best regards Marian

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