Re: To top lift or not to top lift?

Dennis Johns

Hi Daniel,

Take a look at the Boomkicker (  The Boomkicker is advertised for boats up to 38' but they are addressing specifically sloops.  I installed their set for a 38' sloop on my 46' ketch and it has worked flawlessly for 15 years (including a round the world tour).  I don't imagine the sail weight of a Mango is that much more than my Maramu.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121

On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 7:30 AM Daniel Alexander Thompson <Thompson.Xander@...> wrote:
Hello Amelians

When i bought the Mango (1980), the mainsail topping lift was in a fixed position. It is still currently fixed. I could run a line through the boom and shackle it off to provide boom angle movement up and down. Also, the topping lift line could very easily be brought back to a clutch and winch for tensioning/release from within the cockpit.

1. Is this something i might want to consider?
2. If i did this would I need to be cautious regarding the angle of the boom vs furling the mainsail back into the mast?
3. Any other issues?

Oronia Mango #14

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