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There is one battery inside the CPU that is easily replaced. It is kept in place with some kind of polyurethane foam. It is model 2032 and inexpensive (less than $2).
Just take off the metal cover and you eventually find it. See pics attached.

Hope this helps

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Em seg., 1 de ago. de 2022 às 14:15, Nick Newington via <> escreveu:

Thanks Bill but I am talking about the NAVNET 2 chart plotter not the GPS. Maybe it is the same battery….


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On 1 Aug 2022, at 18:11, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

The information I have is that the battery for the GP80, 90, & 150 is Furuno 001-428-240-00 which replaces 000-144-941. All I remember was it was easily found, finding the battery was much harder. I had to get it from a Furuno dealer who installed it for the price of the battery which was 80 €.😀😀 The Furuno price for this battery is 30 €.


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On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 11:55 AM Nick Newington via <> wrote:
Although my Feruno Navnet does not come up with the internal battery warning I want to change it. I suspect it is at least 8 years old and maybe original from 2006.

I would rather not ship the unit to a Feruno dealer, firstly they will charge an arm and a leg no doubt, plus all the shipping costs, but also as a matter of principal. I feel it is something one should be able to do oneself if at all possible. 

I guess it is soldered in place probably on little legs directly onto a PC board, but I have no idea where it is located exactly and what is involved. Has anyone else done this DIY route?

If so would be interested to have a few pointers..

Kind regards

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