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Eric Freedman

Hi Kent,

I replaced the rivnut with a SS plate with a M8 nut welded to the back. I added 4 screws into the plate screwed into the refrigerator and put 5200 on the back. The M8 bolt sits into the hole where the rivnut was. I had to reduce the thickness of the wood plate that the refrigerator rests on to compensate for the thickness of the plate.

Thank you for your help.

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric, that bolt was screwed into a RivNut.  I think they hold better than rivets and can be left in place and reused when removing and replacing.


 I just bought a new fridge and installed rivnuts for the slider under the fridge. And for the bolt that goes through the cabinet (your problem bolt), and two rivnuts on the top of the cabinet and door for the wire part that holds the door open.  I've also used them for mounting things to the mast, instead of using rivets.  You can get a kit with several rivnuts and a tool for installing them at Harbor Freight for $50US.

You should also buy some aluminum rivnuts for use in the mast and other aluminum parts. The originals in the fridge were 8 or 9 mm, if I remember correctly.


I will take pics and give you measurements of where to drill the holes for the bolts that hold the wire gadget that keeps the door open.  Ingenious little piece of kit.



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Kent & Iris



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