Re: rigger in the western med


This is the best rigger in Europe, although there are other good ones.


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Hi Martin & Anke,

try to get in touch with Sonja Kessler ( ) Amel mediterrané. She is the local representative from Amel in Hyères and very helpful. In any cases for us med cruisers. 
(Caribe Marine / Martinique is too far away I presume).
Ask her to support you with some nice „influence“ on this or another local rigger. just boring, NOT to claim the job, just only you din´t bought the OEM ACMO stuff through him. Simply business reasons..

Best and always fair winds.
(THX for nice blogs and pics from your journey in the med. Very lovely inspirations and always nice memories of our former cruises in the med. and the culinary impressions too!)

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Am 03.08.2022 um 10:39 schrieb Martin Birkhoff <mbirkhoff@...>:

Hi all,

We want to replace the upper shrouds, middle shrouds and lower shrouds of the main mast .
Is there a recommended rigger on the French or Spanish Mediterranean coast?
All the necessary materials are on board, just received from ACMO. The local rigger in Hyères does not want to do the work for insurance reasons as the materials were not purchased through him.

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