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It'll be interesting to see how they define continent since it varies by where someone was educated and the countries of the world do not agree on the definition or how many there are.

Eloi, have you considered mounting it in the area above the mid-ship berth (where the winch breakers are located). Also, I have read on the Starlink FB group that most people disable the motors since they will drain a battery. Else, I think I would mount it on the stern port side rail where Amel originally mounted a GPS antenna.

I don't have one, but would very much be interested to hear how you progress with this. Please keep us posted.



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On 8/4/2022 5:10 AM, Franz Aman wrote:

Hi Eloi,

I have been a Starlink user for 1 year plus and can tell you that the antenna is very sensitive to obstruction even just from leaves, tree branches. I would expect the antenna needing to be on deck with a clear view to the sky. Btw Starlink only allows you to move the antenna within your continent under the RV contract. I cannot tell you if they actually enforce this part of their order agreement:

Limitation and Requirements for RV Users. Starlink for RV can only be used within the same continent as the registered shipping address. If you use Starlink for RV Services for more than two months in a country that is different than your shipping address, you will be required to move your registered address to your new location or purchase an additional Starlink to maintain Service. Starlink does not guarantee when or where Starlink for RV will be available. Starlink for RV is dependent on many factors, including obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for (a) understanding and complying with all applicable laws and regulations associated with your use of Starlink for RV Services and the Kit; and (b) stopping use of the Starlink for RV Services or Kit if you are in an unsupported geographic location. You can view Starlink active coverage on the Starlink Availability Map.

The marine version now available is $10k equipment fee plus $5k per month, start/stop allowed but no pro-rating, only full months. The marine install has two antennas. Coverage here: and below.

Either way Starlink is an amazing service, bandwidth and latency have exceeded my expectations after some initial teething pains due to limited satellite coverage.



On Aug 4, 2022, at 4:48 PM, Eloi Bamberg <eloi.bamberg@...> wrote:

I just ordered a Starlink RV and try to figure out where to mount the antenna. I would prefer to mount it fix under deck. The only place I found till now is above the chart table in the middle "compartiment" (where the original radar screen was mounted). Any advise or experience would be welcome.


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