Duo 100 Watermaker HP Connector Leak

Dean Gillies

Hi all,
I've been monitoring some surface corrosion on the HP wastewater connector of my Dessalator Duo 100 watermaker.  I knew there must be a leak, but I've never observed any actual water coming out until recently.   There is now a very small trickle when running the watermaker. Some pics attached of the whole membrane assembly for context and close-ups of the HP inlet side (looks perfect), and the outlet sides (looks very average!).  

The watermaker has operated for less than 150 hours since new 12 years ago, and produces the correct quantity of water with TDS in the low 200's.  To my knowledge the membranes are original.  In its first seven years of life, the boat was a marina queen and the only usage comprised a 1-hour flush cycle every month by the previous owner's maintenance man. There were 67.5 hours on the clock when I bought in 2017.  No significant use of sodium metabisulfite other than during Covid when I was unable to get to the boat, and had someone pickle it for me.  As a result, I don't want to get involved in a big strip-down exercise, and I'm hoping that the leaking connector can be removed, and re-sealed effectively.

The dessalator manual shows the details, and it looks straightforward, but you know how these things go !!  Membranes are fragile things and I don't want to break something else with my efforts.

Any advice would be most welcome, thanks!

Dean Gillies
SV Stella *****,  Amel 54-154

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