Re: Main Mast Problems at AMEL 54

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Hi Martin,

I received an Email from Mr. Lemonnier in which he stated that there was a AMEL 54 which lost his Mainmast 22nd of August in 2009. What actually happend was not mentionend. But they found out that they would have to make the mast stiffer in its lower part. It is the only accident like this yet. Now they have developed with other professionals a new suspension around the lower part of the mast. They will sell the new boats with the same support, so the old boats will look like the new ones. But I did not see a photo yet.

I do not know more yet. But I will keep everyone posted.
All the best

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Hi Marcus,

is it possible to learn a bit more about the case? Have you received such a letter from Chantiers Amel? What did exactly happen?


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