Re: Hurth HBW-250-3R transmission leak

Bill Kinney


Can not help with a supplier in Turkey, but I can tell you that unlike the output shaft seal, leaks from the seal on the actuating arm are easily fixed.   

According to my parts list the actual seal is 001.106.0155  That's that part number in the from the old HBW catalog, which is all I have. The identical transmission is now sold by ZF as the ZF25M.  The ZF catalog should be more current with the part numbers than the old Hurth numbers, but these have been through a number of iterations hopefully your local dealer can trace them back.  When repairing this seal, I have always just bought the entire assembly (947.53.610.02) just in case the issue is with one of the hard parts instead of the seal itself.

Just a quick reminder for the group, because confusion comes up a lot, this is the ZF25M transmission that in the Super Maramus was used on the Volvo engines, the ZF25 is a completely different beast, and was used on the Yanmars.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Port Louis, Grenada

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