Re: Hurth HBW-250-3R transmission leak

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi James,

THX so much for your detailed infos.
hope you will be successful in Gocek on your sealing issue.

with a closer view on the anchoring situation in this region i´ll wondering about more news up from your visit there in Gocek, directly from locals and all regarding this new developments in future.
THX in advance for your queries.

Best and fair winds. Happy sailing and anchoring this night too. Enjoy your G&T :)

S/Y „Soleil Bleu“
A54 #088.

Am 07.08.2022 um 18:16 schrieb James Alton via <lokiyawl2@...>:


  We will be back in Gocek tomorrow and will visit West Marin to see if they can help with parts, thank you.

  To your questions.  We have been cruising the Turkish Southern Coast for the last several months.  We did not arrive until Nov. of 2021 so have not been here during a September so far.  I can tell you that the summer this year while hot has not seen record temperatures in the areas we have sailed from Datca to Antalya.  We found cooling daily sea breezes along much of the Southern coast.   The winds thru the summer so far have been pleasant and fairly predictable.    I don't recall any rain since last May but it is about to start according to the last extended forecast I saw.  

   We were last in the Gocek area July 11th and at that time there were boats anchored in the harbour and all thru the Islands South of Gocek.  There were only a small number of mooring balls in this region but quite a few more bollards placed along the shoreline for stern tie off.  I would think that eliminating the right to anchor in this region would have significant economic impacts and so far I have not heard that an outright ban is about to happen.  I may have more current information tomorrow.

James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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Hi James,

just I had a look in my Volvo dealer locator app and found out following service points in your region (Marmaris and Fethiye?):

- Marmaris: Bogazici Marin Teknik Tur (

- Göcek: West Marin Arif Cuvalci (

- Fethiye: Voltech Marine Yatcilik Deniz Malz (

Hope this helps. Thea are VP dealers, so i presume they are very familiar also with hurth transmissions gear.

just for my personal info, we are looking forward going cruising in this region later in sept and oct: how is wind weather and local administrators? From now on they will privatize mooring boys in gulf of Gocek and Fethiye. No more anchoring and also paying mooring fees on local subcontractors? thanks for your feedback, very appreciated.

Best wishes and fair winds.
S/Y „Soleil Bleu“ /A54#088

Am 07.08.2022 um 13:21 schrieb James Alton via <lokiyawl2@...>:

   Recently the Hurth HBW-250-3R transmission on my Maramu has developed a slight transmission oil leak.  The leak is clearly located in the shifting arm shaft, the output shaft seal is dry.  
There does not seem to be any binding in the shift linkage since when in either forward or reverse the shift arm can be easily moved a very slight amount.  Has anyone else had to deal with 
this leak issue and if so what parts/seals were needed?  I am currently cruising the Southern coast of Turkey and anticipate soon moving up the Western coastline.  Can anyone recommend 
someone that could supply parts or perform service on this transmission in Turkey?

James Alton
SV Sueno
Marmau #220

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