Re: Volvo D3 110 - Spurious low pressure Oil warning Light and alarm

James Alton


   There is not much to go on here but the fact that increasing engine rpm silences the alarm suggests that the oil pressure sensor is reading the normal increase in pressure that is associated with an increase in engine rpm.  So it sounds like the oil sensor is still working but it is possible that the measured pressures are off for some reason.   I think I would err on the safe side and consider the possibility that low oil pressure might be the actual cause of the alarm until you can verify otherwise.   I was getting an alarm on my engine at startup that lasted for several seconds which would stop when I revved the engine and I was of course concerned since this sounded like it could be a serious problem.  So I installed a simple mechanical oil pressure gauge that is mounted to the valve cover and plumbed in via a tee fitting where the oil pressure sensor goes.  I found that on startup that the oil pressure on the mechanical gauge jumped up to 45lbs. immediately but I still got the alarm.  It turned out in my case that the the old oil pressure sensor was sticking and took a few seconds to move to the off position after seeing good pressure.  A good cleaning of the oil ports inside the sensor took care of the problem.  It is hard to know for sure what is going on until you can actually measure the oil pressure.  I hope that you get good news.


James Alton
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THANK YOU so much for all those sensible and helpful answers.

The oil is clean not milky
No associated sounds at all.
If when alarm goes if I put engine in neutral and give a few revs say to 1200 the warning goes away and all is well. It only seems to alarm at very low revs - for example just coming into mooring in marina [somewhat offputting].
Engine has new long block in August 2016 in Pacific {Raitea}.
Total hours 5,200 but only about 1800 since new long block.

Thank you will try to find calibrated pressure tester.

Yes please Mohammad - I’d like the contact details fro the dealer in France please = ppsforbes@...

Thank you everyone.

Peter Forbes
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> On 7 Aug 2022, at 15:03, amelforme <jfpottercys@...> wrote:
> Hi Peter. You are in a bit of a pickle. Usually when a low pressure light comes and goes, it can be the sending unit/ pressure sensor and/or attendant wiring. The best way to proceed is always test the system with a calibrated mechanical pressure gauge. Since that is not possible, please provide some more information. Is the problem consistent across the entire revolutions range from idle to higher RPM?
> Any strange sounds? Is the oil regular in appearance with no milky color or creamy texture? What are the engine hours? Has the head assembly ever been removed.
> Anything else changed ?
> I would recommend using the minimum possible RPM's until you test the actual pressure.
> Office 954-462-5869
>> On Aug 7, 2022, at 8:50 AM, Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...> wrote:
>> Dear Fellow Amelians,
>> My Volvo D3 on Amel 54 Carango [2006] - shows a seemingly spurious low pressure oil warning light - The oil level is fine - the engine continues to run - the oil temp remains steady at 78.8 - 80.
>> Anyone experienced anything like that.
>> We are continuing through it as we were on passage .
>> Peter
>> Peter Forbes
>> Carango Amel 54 #035
>> En voyage to Cork and Kinsale.
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