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The Triatic is about the correct length (a little too long) and height for VHF radio, which includes AIS. I am not aware of anyone trying this, but many Amels had a coax cable from the Triatic stay to the back of the nav station. That coax is probably OK for receiving, but maybe marginal for transmission. 


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Greetingds all,

Re: Triatic radio aerial.

I recall (but cannot find the reference at the moment, unfortunately), that the Triatic is the aerial for the reception (and transmission?) of DSC signals used by the SSB HF/MF radio.   At least, that is how SM#396 is rigged (IC-M802).

For info, the recently decommissioned Furuno FAX-30 RFax/Navtex receiver (and not to be confused with a FA-30 RX-only AIS black-box) used a stand-alone whip-aerial located on the port-quarter.


SM#396, Perigee

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Dear all,

First of all, thanks a great bunch for a fantastic feedback, which is greatly appreciated.

As a part of my standing rigging upgrade, this winter I have ordered from ACMO a new triatic with required isolators to potentially use it as SSB antenna, when and if I decide to invest in this system.

So incidentally I was wondering whether you could also advise me and other interested parties on the best SSB radio set currently available for sale.

Thank you very much,


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