Sea Chest Issue

Mark Garver

Since I finally got my bonding strap replaced and think all of the bonded Items, today I decided to begin the fun task of replacing many of the hoses, at least the HVAC ones and once again clean up the Sea Chest. As soon as I touched the lower HVAC water hose, it just fell away from the sea chest, the metal barb or connector disintegrated and most was in the hose. Are those connectors threaded into the sea chest? If not how are they connected. Is this repairable, or do I need to buy a new sea chest? If I need one, does Amel still stock these for older Super Maramu's? Also, there is a larger output from the sea chest at the bottom, what does that one feed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a couple photos, where you can see the bottom hose no longer attached. 


Mark Garver
SM #105
Gloucester Point, VA

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