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Mark Garver

Thanks everyone, especially Bill. Like Jean-Pierre I have the same dedicated strainer for the main diesel, also the dedicated sea water feed at each toilet. I like the file Bill sent, the fact that they raised the Vetus strainer just above the water line is brilliant and something I will certainly do. 

Thanks again! Off to fix the “manifold” and order the new Vetus as well.


Mark Garver
S/V It’s Good
SM #105
Glouster Point, VA

On Aug 8, 2022, at 6:17 AM, Germain Jean-Pierre <jp.germain45@...> wrote:

Hello Kenneth and all,

CAUTION:  Eleuthera was fitted with a Volvo strainer when I purchased her.  What you see is a replacement Bronze strainer as the Volvo unit had its cap frozen to the body.  

Eventually the size of the water intake being only 1 inch, It was deemed insufficient for the combined needs of engine, Genset, water maker and Air conditioning.  Hence the installation of a second bronze water chest (the bigger one) which has a 2 inch diameter.  I  also dedicated the original to water needs of the engine only with a manifold valve connected to the second water chest to ensure emergency water feed in the event of a blockage.  Served often especially in areas of heavy jelly fish concentrations.  

The second chest provides water to Genset, AC and water maker only.  The early SM’s had a dedicated water feed at each toilet.

A more involved water feed but ensures a reliable water source for long distance cruising.

Jean-Pierre Germain, ex Eleuthera, SM007.

On 7 Aug 2022, at 21:57, Ken Uber <kenneth.uber@...> wrote:

  here's a photo of an early SM Sea chest.  and an additional one beside it .


On Mon, 8 Aug 2022 at 11:10, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

I do not have a good photo of the early sea chest like yours. Here is a SM2k. You can see that Amel modified it as compared to the way the Vestus sea chest comes from Vetus (2nd photo). You are probably going to want to buy a new Vestus sea chest and make a manifold from PVC Fittings.

If you are interested, here is a Primary Saltwater Manifold made by SOFOMARIN, France. I would require a new Vetus Sea Chest and mounting the sea chest slightly higher because the outputs are lower. It was designed for an A54, but maybe it will work for you. More info in this file, including the invoice: 


CW Bill Rouse Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550 

On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 7:36 PM Mark Garver via <> wrote:
Since I finally got my bonding strap replaced and think all of the bonded Items, today I decided to begin the fun task of replacing many of the hoses, at least the HVAC ones and once again clean up the Sea Chest. As soon as I touched the lower HVAC water hose, it just fell away from the sea chest, the metal barb or connector disintegrated and most was in the hose. Are those connectors threaded into the sea chest? If not how are they connected. Is this repairable, or do I need to buy a new sea chest? If I need one, does Amel still stock these for older Super Maramu's? Also, there is a larger output from the sea chest at the bottom, what does that one feed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a couple photos, where you can see the bottom hose no longer attached. 


Mark Garver
SM #105
Gloucester Point, VA

Ken Uber
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