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Congratulations, Michael!


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Hi all,
After a year of following this list, looking at five different Amels for sale I finally bought an Amel Super Maramu! Hull #75 from 1992. Thank you all for the deep knowledge and insights ahead of my decision. It helped a lot!

She's partially in excellent condition: new ACMO rigg, all new Incidence hydranet sails, modern B&G electronics, mostly refurbished engine and refurbished sail control motors etc.

For sure there are a lot of things to do and some downsides: she had a collision which needs to be repaired on the inside (delaminated wood panels), the genset is dead and she has no solar yet. I had a close look at all this and Olivier Beaute did the survey. Overall I think she was a very good deal.

I had the honor to visit her in the old harbor of La Rochelle and after a test sail we took her to about 50 other Amels to the Amel peer at La Rochelle Marina. She's still 30 years young, straight out of La Rochelle!

I'm probably younger than the average Amel owner, and for the next year or two we will not be able to live aboard full time, the boat will be based around Sicily, preparing the boat and the family to leave the Mediterranean some time...

SM#75 Eden (soon "Sulair II")

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