LiFePo4 batteries: STERLING (with B2B charger) -vs- VITRON

David Vogel

Hi all,

The Lithium thread seems to have gone quiet for a few days, so I restart with an inquiry.

Background: I am presently happy with my 10x Firefly (carbon-foam), whilst awaiting until the Lithium technology and experience matures a little more (and, until I need to change). But incrementally upgrading systems and equipment in anticipation (e.g., 2x induction cook-tops, now installing electric oven, increasing solar capacity and increasing inverting capacity). I recently became away of the Sterling (AMPS) AL24150, nominal capacity 150Ah @ 24v []. Which, according to some, can be an “almost” drop-in replacement without the additional 'system' BMS and switch gear on the charge and supply sides, as might be warranted for a VITRON setup (see below). Or, used in parallel with a conventional lead-acid batty bank (with a battery-to-battery charger, such as the Sterling BB242435), with little or no other alternations tot the main DC bus and distribution cabling. Ref:

Q: Does anyone have experience with such a system on their AMEL?

Thanks, in anticipation,

SM#396, Perigee

Equipment List - Victron Lithium Upgrade
•      2x LiFePO4 Battery 25.6V/200Ah - Smart
•      Li-Distribution Positive Busbar, & Fuses
•      Main DC Distribution Positive Busbar, & Fuses
•      Central Negative Busbar
•      BMS: VE.Bus BMS (BMS300200000)
•      Load side protection: Victron Smart Battery Protector 12/24V 220A (BPR122022000)
o   Note: NonSMART: BatteryProtect 12/24V-220A BPR000220400, cannot be programmed by BT
•      Charge side protection: Cyrix Li Charge 230 (CYR010230430; or a further Smart Battery Protect 220)
•      Protection of Alternator against load-dump

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