Lewmar V4/V5 shaft lip seal

Scott SV Tengah

Our starboard Lewmar V4/V5 windlass has started leaking mud/salt water down its shaft into the bow locker. The parts diagram shows a lip seal (Part# 66000073) and of course Lewmar will happily provide it for ~$100USD if you're willing to wait a few months.

While that's an obnoxiously high amount to pay for a lip seal, a bigger issue is that they don't have them here in Fiji, so I was hoping to find a generic lip seal locally and install it.

Has anyone done this before or have the specs? Sadly I don't have circlip pliers on hand at the moment to remove the shaft and the local kiosk doesn't sell them, so can't check myself. :)

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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