Re: Lewmar V4/V5 shaft lip seal

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

I have been to Fiji many times pre covid. Services at Vuda Point are excellent. Baobab Marine are a big well staffed and stocked company, but they are not the only firm.. I would expect lip seals and bearing stocks to be reasonable. If not shipping from NZ or Australia is quick, or it was pre covid.
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On 15/08/2022 10:06 Scott SV Tengah <scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

Thanks Nick!

Do you happen to have the seal specs? I have a friend coming from the US and would rather get the seals beforehand in vitron with a stainless spring vs. hope that they have it in Fiji once I pull it out.

Just to confirm - the shaft drops DOWN into the bow locker?

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