Re: LiFePo4 batteries: STERLING (with B2B charger) -vs- VITRON

Dominique Sery <dominiquesery@...>

Hello Scott, 

I confirm that there is no problem with the battery protect 220. I use it as a protection for the whole 24 volts circuit, including the bowthruster (480 A), the windlasses, the electric winches...
I installed it in the cabinet above the sink. I put the 24 volt inlet on the Battery Protect inlet and the outlet on the 24 v panel inlet. The BP is controlled by the Ve-BMS. 
It works perfectly in my boat, it's the relays of the controls of the big consumers that are activated/deactivated so low consumption.
I think that the BP 220 is overdimensioned.
I had bought it thinking to install it near the batteries but it is not possible, too low power.
I hope this will help you.

Some pictures

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