Re: LiFePo4 batteries: STERLING (with B2B charger) -vs- VITRON

Olivier Beaute

Hello Dominique,

Your Victron BP220, as it is connected on your pictures, does not protect the batteries against the big loads/amperage. The bus where it is connected feeds only small loads (lights, fridges, solenoids for big loads, autopilot and all the items connected to the galley 24V panel).
If you want to protect your batteries from the big loads (bow-thruster, winches, furlers, windlass, etc...), you need to install a battery protector at the source, which means close to the battery bank and using the big 24V positive cable. 
And if you do that with your BP 220,  you will see that it will blow because of the 500amps of the bow-thruster...


On Monday, August 15, 2022 at 07:32:33 AM GMT+2, Dominique Sery via <dominiquesery@...> wrote:

Hello Scott, 

I confirm that there is no problem with the battery protect 220. I use it as a protection for the whole 24 volts circuit, including the bowthruster (480 A), the windlasses, the electric winches...
I installed it in the cabinet above the sink. I put the 24 volt inlet on the Battery Protect inlet and the outlet on the 24 v panel inlet. The BP is controlled by the Ve-BMS. 
It works perfectly in my boat, it's the relays of the controls of the big consumers that are activated/deactivated so low consumption.
I think that the BP 220 is overdimensioned.
I had bought it thinking to install it near the batteries but it is not possible, too low power.
I hope this will help you.

Some pictures

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