Re: LiFePo4 batteries: STERLING (with B2B charger) -vs- VITRON

Dominique Sery <dominiquesery@...>


Thank you for your answer i appreciate.
  With the Victron system I use, before the VE-BMS shuts down i had installed a very loud alarm activated by the Ve-bms, so you have time to start the generator or the Volvo to charge the batteries.
  And before that there is also another alarm with BMV 712 to inform you about low battery voltage or low charge percentage.
  I chose 20% as recommended by Victron.
  but I never use the battery bank below 30%, usually 50%.
  As my battery bank is 24v 600Ah, the risk is very low, I always have 200 or 300Ah minimum.
   The electronics are not yet protected, I hesitate to put another BP at the bus bar under the radar.

For me the biggest problem is not the low voltage but the over voltage with the alternator or the chargers, i changed the Dolphin chargers for Victron special lithium and compatible with the Ve-BMS or the chargers  which requires a special installation which I made (with smart BP to control the alphapro regulator with my smartphone) and to use with the Masterajust software.

Best wishes

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