Re: Inox Chain for main anchor to be replaced - chain twist

David Crisp

I tried solving the problem per the suggestion of letting all the chain out in deep water and allowing it to untwist. However, once the twist is located in the anchor locker, the larger diameter of the twisted chain means it cannot pass up through the hawse pipe so all you end up doing is working all the twist down to the bitter end.  It's then necessary to release the bitter end, let off all the twist and then reattach the bitter end.  I prefer to do this in the safety of the dock/ashore.

As Dean mentions he does, each season when on the hard I now let out all my chain, release twist at the bitter end and flush with fresh water before restowing.  The big puzzle I'd like to solve: how the twist is being put into the chain in the first place???

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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