Alteration of Batteries Compartment for Transporter Energy Lithium Batteries on SM2000

Alex Lomakin

´╗┐Dear all,

I have recently upgraded my domestic bank to Transporter Energy Lithium batteries, aka Dragonfly Batteries in the US.

The TE batteries have fitted inside the standard compartment very well except for the height. The new batteries are about 2.5 cm (1 inch) higher.

So to be able to close the compartment properly I need to alter the vertical bracing beam, marked on a picture with a crude red arrow (please see the attached picture), which is not an easy task, while the beam is attached to the bottom part of the bank. Hence, I need to remove it first.

Does anyone know how this beam is attached to the bank: is it just glued or glued and also screwed on?

Thank you very much,


Alexander Lomakin
SV Silver Star, #416

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