Re: swivels at the anchor

Nick Newington

How are the twists introduced?

I speculate it is not in the hauling up of the anchor, but whilst at anchor.  The boat rotates around the hook as the wind swings/dies at night whatever. It could easily happen several times in a calm night.

I speculate that the windlass does not create the twists on the contrary it pushes them down the chain as it is being dropped.

If that is the case then it makes sense to periodically drop nearly all the chain at an anchorage with no wind or lots of room, this should push the twists down the chain towards the bitter end, then with only a couple of meters left, untie the bitter end from its rope and take out the twists. Re-attach the rope.

In conclusion if one is anchored in the trade winds, with steady breeze then you are not likely to pick up twists. Conversely if you are anchored in tidal conditions with wind against tide or flat calm flukey breezes then lots of twists could ensue.

I like to have a rope bitter end that can snake out of the windlass so that if I had to dump the anchor and buoy it in an emergency that line could be cut under load.



Aml 54-019

On 15 Aug 2022, at 15:20, Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313@...> wrote:

I’ve found that the Wasi swivel makes it more likely that the anchor comes up the wrong way.  This is with my 55 kg Spade.  Now with the anchor shackle its 50/50 whether I need to turn it by going backwards slowly with the anchor in the water  

Joerg Esdorn 

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