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Hi Chris
I’ve been looking too and can see that  burnsco
Have a reasonable range ……. Maybe opua or Auckland has good stock   I can get one for my santorin for circa 2200 with built in compressor

We use a seperate Engle portable in the hanging
Locker opposite the forward toilet.  Cost circa $800 about 3 years ago. Been brilliant for frozen meat veg and eg mahi-mahi etc

John Hayes 
Nga Waka 

On 16/08/2022, at 1:27 PM, Ken Uber <kenneth.uber@...> wrote:

If its time for a new fridge, please consider the fridge that JP put into Eleuthera.
Excellent 2 drawer.
"a Frigoboat 130 liter drawer type with keel cooler and a remote compressor unit.  This gives us more volume inside the refrigerator while using wasted space in the adjoining cabinet to install the remote compressor.  "

Well done JP

Ken Uber
0411 096 804
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