Re: Bow Thruster Amel 54

Scott SV Tengah

I replaced my seals a year ago and one of them was completely destroyed. I believe Amel suggested doing it every 2nd haul out or something like that? In any event, it's not insanely difficult. you will need a big puller, which I did not have and no one had in Tahiti.

So we went to the trash bin and found two big pieces of metal and bought two long bolts and nuts and made our own puller. Worked very well. It did require a lot of force, so I have to imagine the corrosion would only make things worse over time.

When you say "coupling between the vertical shaft and the motor", do you mean the flexible coupling? I had to replace that in the past and it wasn't too difficult. 

One more tip - apply some Boeshield T9/CorrosionX to the contacts in what Sleipner calls the "Control Box". The one that looks like a long relay.  I had a persistent issue of the BT working intermittently and accidentally discovered the problem to be invisible microcorrosion on those contacts. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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