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Nick Newington

Hi Dean,

If you have not got to the bottom of this by the time I come out September 8 and if our paths cross, we could do some tests, like try my gypsy on your windlass, we could compare chains what ever. You could visually inspect my windlass in action….Looking at your video earlier something ain’t right. 


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Hi Dean
I confirm that on WASABI the chain deployment is without any kind of skipping at all. And when I bought WASABI there was the original gipsy 203 (ISO) with a DIN SS-Chain the former owner has installed. The A54 was new for me and I had no specific arguments about the skipping. We were able to deploy and retrieve the Anchor easily for most of the time, except after 10-20 anchor maneuvers, if the situation needed to deploy more than 50 meter. BTW this happened once in a marina with anchoring stern to a wharf as you described, the blockage occurred due to twisting.
Because it was cheaper to buy a new gipsy than a new chain, in installed 2 new 202 DIN766 gipsy and my 2 years old Cromox duplex is a DIN766 chain. Completely happy with the setup.
Happy sailing and best regards
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Hi Thomas,
I hear you, and yes I am 100% sure.  Both of the Gypsies are stamped as 203, and both of the chains measure up as ISO standard.  If that wasn't enough evidence ... on chain retrieval both chains run absolutely perfectly ALL the time. I'm sure that would not happen if there was a mismatch, for example if my Gypsies had the incorrect part number stamped on them for example!

I agree about the inboard swivel, and actually I reckon all of us can undo and re-tie knots (er I mean bends of course!!) fairly effectively.  It just means the lovely whipping that was done in the factory is a thing of the past!

I know you are not near Garulfo, but are you confident that your chains are deploying without any kind of skipping at all?

Dean Gillies
SV Stella *****,  Amel 54-154 

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