Re: Desalinator

Louis Trepanier

If the pressure is also fluctuating when voltage is doing so andif you have the 24V/220V DUO model, the cause is probably a slipping uni-directional bearing.

So far, I have changed several pulleys (sold 185 euros by Dessalator) and then opted to change the uni-directional SKF bearings only, with the same results. These bearings are probably not suited for this use. 

Finally decided this year to use the desalinator in 24 V mode only and disconnected the belt on the 220V side.

To prevent further bearing slipping on the 24 V side, got the bearing “frozen” by welding it and, for the first time in 12 years, the desalinator worked well for two consecutive months.

Louis Trépanier
S.V. Amelia II (A54)

On Aug 17, 2022, at 9:54 PM, Richard Dallett <dallettrichard@...> wrote:

The desalinator system is fluctuating between 13 and 18 amps draw.  Is that normal?
Richard Dallett
A54/68 Mamba

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