Chip Beaman

Thank you Jason, the west to east route was an adventure for sure.  Hard port tac most of the way posed challenges with the heads and vapor lock on the engine. 1st time cought me and we fried the impeller. Fun chasing the blades up the system.  Was ready for it the second time, had to pop a hose off start the motor til water came out then all was good in the world. I did the ol start the motor trick twice a day but that did not do the vapor lock, I am sure it blew the water out of the exhaust though.  As for the heads, it took a long time to get the water to start running in the toilet when on that tac.  Other than that is was a great time. 
KOA SM2K #430

On Sep 4, 2022, at 10:49 AM, Jason Rutledge <jasonrutledge1@...> wrote:

That's a big one.  I guess they are mostly shorter after that.  Congrats!
Jason Rutledge
SV Liahona
SM 335

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