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The SAV from Amel is one of the prime reasons to own an Amel. In talking to the owners of so many other production yachts there is usually either no service or poor service, with the exception to Leopard actually (and thank goodness for them, they need great SAV).  I remember when I called Amel in 2016 looking to buy our 2010 yacht from its first owner, just poking around. The person who answered the phone knew our previous owner by name, the boat name and assured me we were buying a great boat. I was shocked. 
We’ve had many years of friendly, expert and expedient service from both Maud and Thierry. 
And then the not-so-secret-weapon to cruising on an Amel: BR. 
Great combination. 

W. Porter McRoberts 
A54-152 Ibis. Brisbane. 

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I’d like to also confirm that our experience with Amel (Maud) has been exceptional. Always responsive and quick to ship to many different ports and never an issue.

Mohammad & Aty
B&B Kokomo 
A54 #099


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Recently there have been, on this forum, some (in my opinion unwarranted) criticism on S(ervice) A(pres) V(endre) @ AMEL.


I like to share with the group that last Friday afternoon, AUSTRALIA time, I suddenly realized that my Main mast needed a new foot sole and contacted SAV AMEL. I asked for expedited handling as next week my masts are going back on the boat. Maud replied that my usual contact was not in all week so she would handle. In spite of being short staffed she promised to send the Main and Mizzen foot sole that very day.


Discussing this with a fellow AMEL next to me here in the marina they also had asked SAV for parts needed urgently as they are leaving port imminently; we contacted Maud again and suggested to combine our orders.


Long story short – 4 or 5 hours later we received FedEx shipping confirmation for the parts to be delivered latest September 9, 2022.


Outstanding “after sales service” from AMEL, in this case Mdm. Maud TOUILLET.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



September 5, 2022 19:37:04


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