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Mohammad Shirloo

Just as an FYI, we have an issue with our LP pump that we put a temporary fix at the start of the season. I did reach out to Dessalator tech support, to discuss and order a new pump. I was told that we should not change our existing LP pump as they are not satisfied with the replacement pump and the are still looking. They provided a “fix” that needs a machine shop. We are planning on looking into it at the end of the season.


Has anyone had long term experience with the Calpeda BTM61 E ?


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Hello Michael, I can confirm that on my Dessalator 240lt, the manufacturer replaced the previous original low pressure pump with a Calpeda BTM61 E. It should therefore be well suitable for you D160, go for it.




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Il giorno 1 set 2022, alle ore 19:07, Michael & Robyn <SY_RIPPLE@...> ha scritto:

The LP gauge of our Dessalator D160 is always in the orange near the read range.
So I started to think that the installed pump's impeller has corroded away just as it had happened on our AC circulation pump. Both pumps were F.E.I.T. C20M CCM MATR P4258.
The image in the Dessalator D160 Owners manual shows a pump of a different type.
I have seen the messages in Mark's "Dessalator 160 Lift Pump" topic and Dominique's answer that his is a
The different pump diagrams may explain my issue with the LP pump not generating enough pressure for the flow through the 25/5 micron filters to feed the HP CAT pump.
The previous owners had a lightning strike while on the hard in Panama and I wounder, whether the wrong type of pump was installed back then.

Can anyone please confirm that the LP pump should be the CALPEDA B-TM 61E
or the more powerful B-TM 65E ?
Michael & Robyn

currently in Cambridge MD USA

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