Amel 54 Bow thruster removal

Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

Can anyone help please?

The instructions provided by Amel for removing the bow thruster states that you drain the oil and remove the two large bolts holding the drive shaft to the motor base and then take care that the unit does not drop out, ie have someone ready to hold and lower it.

The instructions omit to mention that there are in addition two machine screws with allan key heads that also have to be removed.

Well I have removed the bolts and the machine screws and the bow thruster is still very firmly stuck. There is no movement what so ever.

What is the technique for persuading it to drop out of the housing? The boat is now three years old and I really do wish to replace the neoprene washer/seals whilst it is out of the water.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56 Caduceus

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