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Mohammad Shirloo

We replaced the six shrouds at the main mast in 2019 on advice from Olivier. The new upgraded sizes were shipped from ACMO with upgraded pin strengths so the existing holes could be used without modification.

The specific advice was if we intend to do some “hard sailing” that would cause some pounding to the rig, it is advisable to change and upgrade. 

We have ordered and received the balance of the rigging from ACNO and will be replacing them this year. We have not been told by anyone about any changes to the mizzen backstays.

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The Amel 54 Mizzen Backstay "upgrade from 7-8mm" is an opinion and not something Amel has suggested. My opinion is that increasing the size of the Mizzen Backstay is not needed.

Remember, everything forward of the mizzen is supported by the Main Backstay, and there are two 7mm Mizzen Backstays, PLUS a 7mm Triadic. 

Regarding the Amel 54, Amel changed some Main Shroud wire sizes during the production of the A54. To me, this remains a mystery as to why it was changed. I was advised of the change by ACMO. ACMO said they were advised to make these 2 changes in wire size. Obviously, someone at Amel believed this change should be made and in fact, the wire sizes were changed in later A54 production. I read Maud's letter to Nick and believe she wrote what she was told by someone. I believe this is a case where you should use the same sizes Amel used in the later production of A54s. This is a list of the wire size changes made:
Lower Main Shrouds from 10 mm to 12 mm
Intermediate Main Shrouds from 8 mm to 10 mm

Because of this riggers had no idea of these changes, when re-rigging they will install the same size as was originally installed.

I have written about this in this Group several times and it is predominantly shown in my Amel Book. For those that do not have my Amel Book, I will be offering 30 days of FREE access to the Online Amel Book later this month. I will make a posting in the Group when it is available. 


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On Mon, Sep 12, 2022 at 2:17 PM Ian Fraser <keyproperties@...> wrote:
Thanks Scott. 

Under advice from Bill we got the upgrades to the main intermediates and lowers. Can’t remember hearing about the mizzen D1 upgrade from 7-8mm, so we ended up with the 7mm, but we will keep an eye on them. It does look like the triatic “Marocain" has been upgraded from 7-8mm also.

We got the recommended upgraded turnbuckles, which are described on the invoice as “Stainless Steel Ringued Bronze Turnbuckle”. Are these what you call "stainless sleeved”?

Interesting to hear that you needed to drill the old tangs to fit the pins on the new 12mm eye. I had asked ACMO if we would need to drill chainplates and they indicated that they had sized the pins to avoid this but will be interested to see when we do it!

Plan to use one of the riggers in Antigua……any hints on what to look out for?


On 11 Sep 2022, at 18:51, Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

We used the old ones. You have an earlier model (like us), so you will need to upgrade your lower shrouds on the main mast from 10mm to 12mm. This will require drilling out the old tangs as the pin that goes through the eye for the 12mm is a bit larger than the one for 10mm.

You will also need to upgrade your main mast intermediates from 8mm to 10mm.

This is what Amel did for the later A54s due to one sister ship losing its rig off in the South Pacific.

If you are planning extensive sailing (aka circumnavigation), I would highly recommend also changing your mizzen D1 from 7mm to 8mm.

Finally, whatever you do, get the stainless sleeved turnbuckles. There have been some issues with the chrome plating for a few owners. 

Who is doing your rigging? 

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