Volvo TMD 22 Engine Mounts - Help please

Ken Uber

Akin to the words Bill has spoken about this group being great for assistance, I have relished in reading about the joys that I will have with my new Super Maramu. (Thanks JP!).

One of the tasks that I have embarked upon is the renewal of the engine mounts. Of course I have looked through many messages to find info as well as referencing Bill's book.

I have successfully taken the mounts off that were holding the C-Drive, Naturally the bolts were a little worse for wear , but eventually removed.

Of the engine mounts I thought the one right in front of me would be the easiest.
It was by no means easy, and I have now been left with not one but two broken bolts in the runner below.  see the photo attached.

You will also note that the k50 engine mount is attached via a wood spacer. 
When I got it out it was interesting to note that there was an imprint of a different mount underneath with other bolt holes. I suspect the imprint is that of the Mitsteun mount as opposed to the K50.

Its going to be a job to extract the broken bolts.  
What is below the fibreglass?  Can I drill in new holes? and perhaps tap into some hidden steel? the fact that there are two sets of holes from the two different engine mounts may indicate this. If I move the engine frame I may be able to drill out the broken bolts, but given that they have snapped where they have I suspect that an "easyout" will not budge them, and it will be a complete drill out and retap. 
The holes of the original mount where rather full of muck so no idea as to whats in there either, if i was to revert to the Mitsteun mounts.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Ken Uber 
SY Eleuthera
Williamstown, Melbourne 


Ken Uber
0411 096 804

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