Re: FW: tb/Frigoboat Pump Interface E51385/AYOG

Barry Connor

Hi Teun,
Hope you are well and enjoying the Gold Coast. 
I would like one of your fridge interfaces. Shipping to a UK address.
Please advise cost and preferred payment method.
Very Best 

Barry and Penny 
“SV Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54.  #17
Southern Caribbean 

On Sep 13, 2022, at 6:39 AM, Randall Walker <sailingalbedo@...> wrote:

I would be interested in some info on the fridge and freezer units you installed.
Also in my stores I have spare interfaces but would rather hear and see what you have gone with. One less salt water hose is always better.


On Sun, Sep 11, 2022 at 22:26 Teun BAAS <teun@...> wrote:

I remember about 3 years ago Bill ROUSE alerted the forum that the FRIGOBOAT CLIMMA Pump Interface E51385 was no longer produced with several members reporting having problems finding the units. See below and attached.


I was able to locate 7 units; bought them all and sent 2 to fellow AMEL 54 owners asking for one. I have still 5 left and 1 in the engine room.


Last week I changed my freezer water cooled compressor to an air cooled compressor and next week, when the Corian is being replaced, we will replace the 2 other water cooled units provided (with all the Corian top removed) we have easy access to the vertical fridge/freezer compressor we will change that one out as well.


Therefore in 2 weeks I hope to have all fridges & freezers with an air cooled compressor and no longer need for these 5 new and 1 currently in use Pump Interfaces.


Each unit USD125 plus actual mailing from Australia.

The used unit USD65 plus actual mailing cost from Australia.





Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



September 12, 2022 12:23:44


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