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Porter McRoberts

On our 54 its the ball valve for the port side Aircond drain that gets clogged and then the tray overfills.  Fresh water.
Not sure if the SM is similar.

S.V IBIS A54-152

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Did you overfill the fresh-water tank recently???

We also had a loose hose-clamp on the freshwater feed to the galley sink.

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There's a cold beer / glass of wine for anyone who can solve this mystery . 
 Today we found fresh water in the bilge to port. Maybe 10-15 litres. The water was in the bilge under the sink and also in the bilge on the aft side of the table . Nowhere else.
The usual suspects proved innocent -- being the Seagull water filter ( previously guilty ) the galley tap and the drain pipes from both sinks . 

We  store wine bottles in a plastic box in the bilge under the aft side of the table . The box has sides about 12 inches , 25 cm , high. It doesn't leak . Somehow  about one litre of the fresh water found its way inside the box  even though it was only about 2 inches deep in the bilge . 

If there was a fresh water pipe leaking you would expect the pump to run occasionally. It doesn't . 

My next test is the washing machine despite the water in the bilge being clean of suds etc . Even if that is the culprit how did water get into the wine box ? 

I will report on the answer but if anyone can suggest a solution to the mystery that would be very welcome.

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen , SM 302, Lavrion , Greece 


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