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Hi Nick,

I don't know Amel's full reasoning for their installation method. One reason I can think of to not install a loop in the discharge is that the diagram pump moves solid waste out. I would think that the solid waste will get trapped in any type of a loop. Ours has worked flawlessly for the past 7 years.

In my opinion, One of the main advantages of keeping as many systems as possible original, is that most of the systems have been real world tested and proven over many years and some of the systems over many generations. This was one of the important factors in our selection of the Amel brand. I'm sure they're better ways that many can come up with to improve on the Amel designs. However, until it has been field tested for as many years as Amels have been around, it is only an unproven theoretical improvement. 

Sorry if I digressed from your question

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Anti syphon for bilge pump
When I bought Amelia in 2017 she had a Rule bilge pump. The original was stored under a bunk.

I decided to install a vented loop on the discharge line seeing as the Rule pumps do not gave check valves and the chance of syphoning sea water in when on starboard tack seamed very high.

Fast forward to 2022. I have decided to put the original Diaphragm pump back as the Rule has its power cable submerged, it also had a splice in the section of submerged cable. Not good…

It is now installed. I have left in the vented loop, between the pump and the discharge, high up just under cockpit floor.

My question is;
Why did Amel not put in a vented loop?
Presumably because it is not necessary due to the check valves in the diaphragm pump.
Should I take out the vented loop now? Is there any advantage to run the pump without a vented loop anti syphon device?

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