Amel Mango for sale

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Hello fellow Amel owners,
We reluctantly have our 1983 Amel Mango up for sale. After having
it listed in Soundings and Northwest Yachting, and after having every
donation company, broker, and lowball buyer contact us to either give
it away or steal it, which given the economy might be understandable,
we thought of turning to other Amel owners for a hand. While we were
cruising we came across many people who were interested in the boat,
too bad we didn't want to sell then! So we thought if anyone knew of
someone who would be interested in an Amel, but didn't want a new
boat, and would consider a great boat at a fair price, we would sure
appreciate you passing this info on to them. The boat is located in
Portland, Oregon, USA and more info can be found at
Thanks for your help and we hope you have a great spring sailing
season. Best regards,
Adam Nelson

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