Energy Tax Credit - USA only.

eric <ericmeury@...>

just thought i would share this as i'm pretty sure it would qualify

Regarding the Residential Energy Credits. I do believe that if your living on your boat full time as your primary residence can count the following

Qualified Solor Electirc Property
Qualified Solar water heating
Qualified Small wind energy property costs

" A home is where you lived in 2009 and can included a house, houseboat, mobile home, ....

i remember 10 years ago asking my tax professor if the boat loan interest can count as mortgage interest and he said yes as long as the sailboat had a head a place to cook and a place to sleep.

btw the form also says you can take a "credit of 30% of your costs of qualified solor electric propery, solor water heating property, small wind energy property....."

Form is 5695...see the instructions page..

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