Re: Amel - made Genoa Furler Bronze Spur Gear

Michael & Robyn


Hi Bill,
did you ever get the measures taken? I could not find them in the forum.

I am in urgent need to service our Genoa Furler on Ripple. I am looking for a Bill of Material of the industry standard parts that are in the furler gear box.
The two halves that transmit the torque from the gear to the foil are coming apart. see picture:

Trying to re-tighten the nuts I pulled out the stud-bolt because the female thread in the aluminum cast failed.
I am planing to use HeliCoils to temporarily repair the thread. And as a safety net I plan to insert M12 ring bolts and a ring nut on the other side through the holes for the lashing lines.
I am looking for advise / better ideas as a temporary fix.
I really don't want to take the forestay down before our voyage to Antigua end of October. There I will have David in the Jolly Harbour Marina overhaul the hole thing. But I need to order the inner industry standard parts while still in the Chesapeake Bay.
kind regards
Michael & Robyn


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