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Dear Gary, If you are talking about the river that runs through the
middle of Guardaloupe, we took our last boat, an Oyster 435, also 2mtr
draft, through it and do not recall any problems. However had we gone
aground at the end of the main runway which is only about 30 or 40 yards
from the river we would have had horrendous disasters as we saw when we
stopped some way back and watched a Jumbo run up to full power with the
brakes on prior to take-off.The awesome sight could only have been bettered
if Jumbos had afterburners !!
You do not say which pressure vessel failed but I am sure it must be the
one hidden behind the genset. The one on top of the pump set is stainless
whereas the second one is steel and failed,I think, not only because it is
steel but also because it is fitted with a copper elbow. The vessel is a
bog standard unit which I replaced with an identical one purchased from an
agricultural irrigation shop here in Malta.That size is only sold here in
mild steel but one can buy the small one fitted to the pumpset or a much
larger one in stainless.So I fitted the steel one but used plastic elbows
etc instead of copper. Whether this will solve the problem I do not
know,but has already been there longer than the original.
Just why two pressure vessels are used is beyond me, perhaps Amel felt that
the bigger stainless one was too large to put on the pumpset.
Your tale of the failed pump for the desalinater is a worry. I think I
should get a bit more warning of such a failure as I fitted a second bilge
alarm about 9" down on the aft side of the sump because the standard one is
higher up and I was having trouble with the electric bilge pump valves
which resulted in grey water getting all over the engine room floor. This
additional (electronic) alarm needed a metal shield over it to stop false
alarms from water spray when the washing machine discharged into the sump.

Best wishes, Anne and John Hollamby Bali Hai SM 2000 319

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