Re: Lines for down wind poles

Bill Kinney


I am not sure it matters, but the "official" Amel colors were:

Foreguy:  Blue
Downhaul:  Yellow
AfterGuy:  Red.
Topping lift:  White or tan

On the Super Maramu, the topping lift was specified as 10mm polyester double braid.

All the others were specified as a brand name, "Tempest" and 14mm diameter.  My research hasn't turned up any details about what exactly "Tempest" line was, but it certainly looks like polyester double braid.  Breaking strength is not an issue for these lines, they are not heavily loaded.

Since you are handling all--except the topping lift--by hand, even on the smaller Sharki I'd stick with the 14 mm, certainly no smaller than 12mm.  Not for strength, but just for ease of handling.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Port Louis, Grenada

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