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I can confirm what Bill reported. I called the US number and was given the same response. Part no longer available.


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I don't think that is correct Bill, I received a reply from the
manufacturer who sent me a brochure of the part which I have uploaded in the
Files folder "Chain Counter". I have placed an order and have had the order
confirmed, awaiting delivery.

Bet Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM 171

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That email no longer works. Which IFM location did you get this part? I
checked the US location and was told, "The IB5076 is no longer available and
no direct replacement."


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HI Bill,
alex.cortes |
Pepe Fortuna 223

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Iv Pepe,

Yahoo automatically strips the email address removing everything after
the "@". Can you tell me what follows: "alex.corte@ "


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Hi all,
The chain counter sensor,IB 5076 inductive sensor is Euro 78,- E mail
alex.corte@ ..
Hope it helps,
Iv Pepe
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