Re: Battery storage

Denis Foster


For the reasons exposed in the messages about storage. We have Gel batteries (no solar panels) and opted to disconnect all charges. Every fifteen days 48H of charge with Mastervolt Mass chargers that brings back to 100% charge. The amplitude is usually from 95% to 100%.

Our Sonneschein Gel batteries are now 11 years old and still working well.  We cruise about 7 months / year. I understood that what kills lead acid batteries of all technologies is not being charged to 100% more than 10-15 days. We try to go to a marina every two weeks for this and using the clothes washer. Our goal is to be over 75% charge all the time and use 2h generator/ day  (and / or alternator if motor sailing) to go back to 90-95% when not linked to shore power.

This method was developed empiracly.

Best regards.


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